Touché, Pandora. Could it be love? I know what an erection feels like, Michael. No, it's the opposite. It's like my heart is getting hard. One of the guys told me to take my head out of my BOTTOM and get back to work…my BOTTOM! Hahahaha. Well, OK, have sex with this girl. Right now. Get in there, have some sex with her. If this tableau I recreate, perhaps I can re-snare my mate. Did you know that more frozen bananas are sold right here on this boardwalk than anywhere in the OC?

She's a contestant. It's sorta like an inner beauty pageant. Ah, there it is. How do you know Steve Holt? Are you in AA? I need a tea to give my dingle less tingle. What have we always said is the most important thing? A night of heterosexual intercourse. Someone order 140 pounds of upper body strength? Let me give that oatmeal some brown sugar.

Never once touched my per diem. I'd go to Craft Service, get some raw veggies, bacon, Cup-A-Soup…baby, I got a stew goin'. Oh…yeah…the guy in the…the $4,000 suit is holding the elevator for a guy who doesn't make that in three months. Come on!

What's gotten into you? Have you been eating cheese? Yeah, well, have you seen the new Mustang? You could hump that hood. Quicken! Premiere! The only thing I found in the fridge was a dead dove in a bag. Sorry, some of my students are arguing the significance of the shankbone on the seder plate. But we do not - NOT wag our genitals at one another to make a point. I don't want no part of yo tight-ass country-club, ya freak bitch! I've been in the film business for a while but I just cant seem to get one in the can.

I see you've wasted no time in filling my seat hole. What's next, Michael? Are you going to make dancing illegal? Is this the tiny town from Footloose?

Pound is tic-tac-toe right? I thought the two of us could talk man-on-man. Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over - an analyst and a therapist. The world's first analrapist. Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb.

She keeps saying that God is going to show me a sign. The… something of my ways. Wisdom? It's probably wisdom. No, Pop-pop does not get a treat. I just bought you a f**king pizza. Pound is tic-tac-toe, right? Taste the happy, Michael! Taste it! Either I zip down, or he zips up, and that is a mighty long zipper on Mother's Cher jumpsuit. It's as Ann as the nose on plain's face. In the mid '90s, Tobias formed a folk music band with Lindsay and Maebe which he called Dr. Funke's 100 Percent Natural Good Time Family Band Solution. The group was underwritten by the Natural Food Life Company, a division of Chem-Grow, an Allen Crayne acqusition, which was part of the Squimm Group. Their motto was simple: We keep you alive. It's one banana Michael, what could it cost, ten dollars?

Dead Dove DO NOT EAT. A flower in my garden, a mystery in my panties. Say something that will terrify me. Lindsay: F*** me. Tobias: No, that didn't do it. Way to plant, Ann!

Mister gay is bleeding! Mister gay! You just made a fool out of yourself in front of T-Bone. You burn down the storage unit? Oh, most definitely.

He also said some things African American-y wasn't ready to hear. What's up, fizz-ellas.