There are dozens of us! DOZENS! They frame my junk.

What's gotten into you? Have you been eating cheese? Hahahahah! ♪♪ It ain't easy being white. It ain't easy being brown. ♪♪

Don't call my escorts whores. Tobias is Queen Mary. Sure, let the little fruit do it. HUZZAH! If you're suggesting I play favorites, you're wrong. I love all of my children equally. [earlier] I don't care for Gob. Oh please. They didn't sneak into this country to be your friends. Please refrain from discussing or engaging in any sort of interoffice [bleep] or [bleep] or finger[bleep] or [bleep]sting or [bleep] or even [bleep].

Stop it, stop it. This objectification of women has to stop. Michael: It's just Mom and whores. They don't allow you to have bees in here. They want to break his legs. It's a good thing he's already got that little scooter. A million [bleep]ing diamonds! Well excuse me, Judge Reinhold! Stop it, stop it. This objectification of women has to stop. It's just Mom and whores.

Perhaps an attic shall I seek. There are very few intelligent, attractive and straight men in this town. Well, that certainly leaves me out.

Don't worry, these young beauties have been nowhere near the bananas. Coo coo ca chaw. Coo coo ca chaw. If I wanted something your thumb touched, I'd eat the inside of your ear. Are you at all concerned about an uprising? It feels good to be back in a queen! However, she mistook the drowsy eye alcohol warning for a winking eye alcohol suggestion.

Hey, maybe you could pop a tent outside with your cousin Maeby… it'd be a good chance to rub off on her. Tobias F√ľnke costume. Oh, yeah, the guy in the the $4,000 suit is holding the elevator for a guy who doesn't make that in three months. Come on! Wow, this is the best free scrapbooking class I've ever taken! ps This one really cracks me up for some reason. Steve Holt? The moron jock?

I've got a nice hard cot with his name on it. You'd do that to your own brother? I said "cot." I hate the Wetlands. They're stupid and wet, and there are bugs everywhere, and I think I maced a crane. I don't want no part of yo tight-ass country club, ya freak bitch!

The only thing more terrifying than the escaped lunatic's hook was his twisted call… Heyyyyy campers! Either I zip down, or he zips up, and that is a mighty long zipper on Mother's Cher jumpsuit. One of the guys told me to take my head out of my BOTTOM and get back to work…my BOTTOM! I've always been deeply passionate about nature. Perhaps you remember Neuterfest? M: I'll never forget your wedding. Buster, what are you doing with mother's rape-horn? ♪♪ Big yellow joint, big yellow joint, I'll meet you down at the big yellow joint. ♪♪

You stay on top of her, Buddy. Don't be afraid to ride her. Hard. Way to plant, Ann! Never once touched my per diem. I'd go to Craft Service, get some raw veggies, bacon, Cup-A-Soup…baby, I got a stew goin'. George Bush doesn't care about black puppets. Now, do you wanna steer, or are you too old to sit on your Pop's lap and drive?