I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich. Buster, what are you doing with mother's rape horn? No! These are just strippers! Look how hot they are! No, it's the opposite. It's like my heart is getting hard. What's next, Michael? Are you going to make dancing illegal? Is this the tiny town from Footloose? What's gotten into you? Have you been eating cheese?

Yo quiero leche. Yo quiero leche de madre. Please refrain from Mayoneggs during this salmonella scare. Ann, you need to decide whether you want a man or a boy. I know how I'd answer. Hair up, glasses off. Make love in your *own* hand, Mother! Douche chill! Coo coo ca chaw. Coo coo ca chaw. I've always been deeply passionate about nature. Perhaps you remember Neuterfest?

Dead Dove DO NOT EAT. Do you have any idea how often you say the word afraid? Well, I know I used it in the Jacuzzi. Way to plant, Ann! Dead Dove DO NOT EAT. Yes. Lindsay and I are planning a night of heterosexual intercourse.

Mom… after all these years, God's not going to take a call from you. You go buy a tape recorder and record yourself for a whole day. I think you'll be surprised at some of your phrasing. Are you aware of this? Coming soon. Indeed.

She keeps saying that God is going to show me a sign. The… something of my ways. A flower in my garden, a mystery in my panties. He… she… what's the difference? Oh hear, hear. In the dark, it all looks the same. So you take your mom to work every day? Bummer. Moms are such a pain in the ass, huh? It's, like, die already!

A Colombian cartel that WON'T kidnap and kill you. One of the guys told me to take my head out of my BOTTOM and get back to work…my BOTTOM! Hahahaha. I am going to my spin class. I thought you had vertigo. Heart attack never stopped old big bear!

I'm afraid I'm with Michael on this one. The guy runs a prison, he can have any piece of ass he wants. Either I zip down, or he zips up, and that is a mighty long zipper on Mother's Cher jumpsuit. Ohhh little guy. The tears aren't coming. The tears just aren't coming. They don't allow you to have bees in here. Who? i just dont want him to point out my cracker ass in front of ann. A night of heterosexual intercourse. You mean the guy we're meeting with can't even grow his own hair? Come on! Chicken fingers… with spicy club sauce.

What do you think about Sudden Valley? It sounds like a salad dressing, but for some reason I don't want to eat it. What do you expect, Mother? I'm half machine! I'm a monster!! I see you've wasted no time in filling my seat hole. I am getting rid of this thing. It has caused me nothing but pride and self-respect. Look, you are playing adults…with fully formed libidos, not 2 young men playing grab-ass in the shower. Either I zip down, or he zips up, and that is a mighty long zipper on Mother's Cher jumpsuit. Hey, it was one night of wild passion! Michael: And yet you didn't notice her body? Gob: I like to look in the mirror.

With spicy club sauce. If this tableau I recreate, perhaps I can re-snare my mate. It's as Ann as the nose on plain's face. It's a jetpack, Michael. What could possibly go wrong? I'M A MONSTER!! I call it Tricks –- wait for it – Around The Office.

It just seems like there's still light coming in from under the door. Someone order 140 pounds of upper body strength?